Saturday, May 24, 2008

Example email for my GDI team.Day 8

Email 8 Day 8

Subject : Bonus

This is the list from something else I do when my spare time.Some extra money!

I have sell this ebook for $ 9 or up.
I will give for my gdi team for free.

Visit my ebay store

Get paid to read

Get paid to survey( join for free and they will send check to you when you finish survey)

Get paid to search (just search like normal and you get paid £20 about $40 in USA)

Visit my len about get paid to search

Get paid to shopping (shop online in your own store and get rebate back)
1. For usa only

2. Mypowermall all country

Submit your site for free and #1 on Google and other 120 days free

Get paid to post ,answer and discuss

For your success,
Leader team GDI,

Example e-mail for My GDI team.Day 7

E-mail 7 Day 7

Subject : What do you do in 7day?
Body :

The keys is “Don’t give up and keep make money”
This is what I am doing in 7 day!

Monday : Post ad at free forum,Traffic exchange
Tuesday : Post ad at free forum, Write article and submit the article
Wednesday : Write the new post in the blog ,len,Saftlist,post ad at forum

Thursday : Traffic exchange, Post free ad
Friday : send e-mail to all your team, ask them about the question and support them.
Saturday : Social network
Sunday : Rest…

Example e-mail for GDI team.Day 6

Email Day 6.

Subject line: Traffic to your site.

Body :

It’s very important to bring traffic to your site.I have been promote and marketing my site and I have learn so many way to bring traffic to your site.
Tip if you want to spend a lot of money for advertising your site.You should keep track your site.
Which method is the best for you.Which method bring a lot of traffic to you and people join your business.

1. Write the article and submit your article.
2. Write the blog at and submit your feed blog,and ping them at
Example my blog:
3. Write the len at squidoo.
You can register account at squidoo for free here :

4. Social network
Yuwie :

5. Forum
3. Dreamteammoney
4 Postfreead

6. Traffic exchange

My best Top 5


7. Saftlist (register new e-mail like at )


Example e-mail send safelist :

Subject line : Hot make money online


You are almost there! You have taken the first step and grabbed your F'ree SpiderWeb Marketing System. Now, all you have to do is login and take advantage of all the amazing F'REE Features! Grab the Username, and Password that was sent to you when you signed up, and head over here to login and get started:
(put your link or your site here)

The system is f'ree, You can use it 100% f'ree and still earn multiple streams of income! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Give it a shot,
(Your name)

8. banner
Login in your gdi account and you get banner.
9. post free ad

10. e-mail signature
Example : Truly yours
Your name
Your website here

11.Advertising off line

11.1 When you here some one talk about work from home or home base business.Hand your dvd or your gdi business card for them.

How to order dvd go to :

How to use them : Here "GDI step by step Wealth Guide"

11.2 Order business card or make the business cards.
This is example business card from GDI company,you can login at office and place your order.

11.3 Post ad on news paper.

Example Ad you can use :

Easy business start Free
Inc500 Listed. Access code : Your user name

Star free Inc 500 Listed
Automated.No Selling. Access code : Your user name

The Internet Land Rush is on !
Start Free Inc 500
Listed Automated.No selling. Access code : YOUR USER NAME

Lead Lead Lead
Number 1 lead
The MAIN autoresponder with 50,000 Leads and 15 Professionally Written Pre-loaded Messages DRIVE TRAFFIC to your "Custom Lead Collecting Splash Page"
created for your business opportunity.

Submit your website for 1 million site for Just $ 1.


Example e-mail for GDI team member Day 5

Email 5 Day 5

Subject line : Set up your blog
Let make your own blog today.
BLOGS are commonly personal journals/diaries and are used to comment on all sorts of topics depending on the interests of the blogger (author). A BLOG is usually updated frequently, maybe monthly, weekly or even daily, it all depends on the blogger. Most blogs enable the visitors to post comments and/or suggestions allowing interactivity between the blogger and the visitors.
YOU can set up your blog at :
And post or write about GDI- Global Domains International.You will glad you did.This is my blog you can go visit at :
I have visitor everyday in my blog.My blog and my len : Rank 1 on Yahoo and Google keyword : How to success with GDI.And when you finish your blog.Don't forget to
Make the feed for your blog at :
ping at :

Try this the blog to bank.
Blogging To The Bank 2 teaches you Robs new step by step blueprint to creating highly profitable long term niche blogs using the newest optimization techniques.

(your e-mail)

Have a wonderful day!
Nonthali,(your name)
(your website)

example e-mail for GDI team. Day 4

Email 4 Day 4

Subject line: Networkstarteam.

Body :

This is the one of my favorite. Network Star Team will train you to become an experienced internet marketer and promote GDI following our effective rejection-free ways.
Like most online business

Free member

10$ instantly to promote this system for every Pro member you recruit
Free advertising of your affiliate link (you will get sign-ups without having to advertise)
Access to a member's area full of great promotional resources
How to use free advertising to promote, build and duplicate top GDI's recruiters success
Ezine Newsletter Marketing system that will easily create interactive, content-rich, HTML Internet Marketing Newsletters in 10 minutes or less
3-Minute Ad-Creator software for creating your own unique ads
Pre-written emails, pre-written ads, banners and other tools to generate income
How to create a top selling website using the webspace from your GDI accoun

Premium website templates to create a unique high quality website
Your own banner ad into rotation for free (upload unlimited number of banners)
Passive income programs to create additional streams of income

Here's what the benefits of a Pro membership are:
20$ to promote this system for every Pro member you recruit (as a free member you earn 10$)

Step-by-step, fully detailed Tutorial to get started immediately

GDI Star Plan, our guide to Success

An awesome technique to qualify for GDI's Leaderboards and earn the big money

Your NST affiliate link into our Rotation program for lifetime

Our advertising system will start building your downline sending sign-ups to your NST account

All the best available online and offline ways to promote your business with great effectiveness

Our "GDI on Phone" awesome e-book that reveals what it takes to convert prospects into customers by phone

Autoresponder software with detailed step-by-step instructions about how to install it in your website

250++ Premium Website Templates fully customizable to create a powerful business or personal website

The ability to create your own forced opt-in pages by filling some blank fields in just 4 steps

How to create your own Blog quickly, even if you have no idea what a blog is AND make profits from it

You can promote any other business you may be involved with to your NST downline members, as we allow you to add your business affiliate link and description in our system so that it is viewed by your NST referrals 5 levels deep

Visit the site :
(Your link )

Example e-mail for GDI team.Day 3

3.Email Day 3 Free lead


This is another system I use to grow my GDI team.
Get free lead everyday here.How to get the lead?
1. You have to sign up this page.

When you got your account with them just log in with your user name and password and click lead.

How to use them?

1.Login back to GDI office at :
2. Click tab : invite
3. Copy the name,last name and e-mail and click send.
You can send out invitation 100 e-mail per day.
4. Login to your GDI account and Click on invite
You can check who opt in.
5. YOU can send e-mail and tell them about spiderwebsystem site.

Please feel free to contact me
( Your e-mail)
Have a wonderful day!
Your name,

Example e-mail to team GDI. Day 2

E-mail Day 2

Subject line: Let get start! Set up your capture page!

Hi name,
(their name)
How are you? I hope you are well.I would like to tell you a tip about How to build gdi business and earn at least 12k - 20 a month.

I would like to tell you about Bonus with GDI -Global Domains International,Inc

Earn an UNLIMITED Number of $100 Bonuses Each Week By Simply Referring FIVE New Confirmed Affiliates in a 7-day Contest Period.

You read that correctly! For every 5 paid affiliates you refer in a one week period, you'll earn a $100 cash bonus. There is no limit! Refer 25 new paid affiliates in one week and you'll earn $500!

Our bonus contests are exciting.. The following contest rules, awards and eligibility requirements will apply. Please read the new rules carefully and let us know if you have any questions about how the contests will be run.

Contest Eligibility Requirements:

You must have purchased at least ten (10) DVDs through your GDI account and your account must be paid and in good standing. The reason for this requirement is that we are HIGHLY recommend the DVD promotional method for recruiting new affiliates.

Your referrals will be counted for one calendar week. A "week" is defined as 12:00am Monday through 11:59pm Sunday, Pacific Time.

For every five (5) new PAID referrals you make in the contest week, you will earn $100. For instance, if you refer 10 new affiliates who remain affiliates after their trial period, you would earn $200 for that week.

Only affiliates who we can bill on the first charge attempt are counted in this contest.

Because of our free 7-day trial, there is a one week delay after the contest week ends before your number of confirmed referrals can be determined.

You'll need a PayPal account to collect your prize money.

I will success because my team success.
You will success because you and your team success.
It's important we play the same rule .I understand every one have a different experience and money to put when you start your own business.
The result from everybody will be different depend on How much time and effort do you put in?

Don't let anyone tell you "You can not do something"
See yourself successful.

This is the best 5 System to Promote GDI business.

1. ASH- Automated Advertising system.
This system you will get Autoresponder and customsplash page loaded with 50,000 fresh business opportunity seekers/leads,TV advertising 36 different ways using television commercials and other Direct Advertising Method.
Cost : $ 99 / month or 30 Trial for $ 2

2. Residual wealth Factor by
David Parnell
This system you have use Solo ad method.You have to set up autoresponder and rwf website.
Cost - $ 99 a year for website rwf and autoresponder $ 20
Cost to start $ 119
$ 20 every month for autoresponder.

3. Set up your own customsplashpages.
This system you will set up your own customsplashpages and you will get autoresponder followupsystem.(You don't have to purchase another autoresponder) This customsplashpages

Instantly Increase Your Sales And Leads, Build A *HUGE* Optin List AND... Increase Sales from Your Website by 300% or more.

Cost : only $ 27 a month

4. Spiderwebsystem.
This system you will get your own lead capture page and earn many streams income with this system.

Cost : $ 0

5. Free People search
This system you have your own free people search engine and when people join as affiliate with this search site.They can join GDI business and grow while they earn because affiliate earn up $ 30 to refer people to set their own website search.(many streams of income)

Cost : $ 0 (if you already join GDI website)
If not join gdi yet here the link if you already join gdi cost $ 0 for use this system.

What 's best for you? Please select one because is easy to me for help you to advertising for you.


Make decision : Make the decision to be successful.

Set your goal
: set your goals. Then do whatever it takes to reach them!

Focus :
Maintain your focus - promote only one program. Do not dissipate your energies by trying to promote multiple programs.

organize : organize with consistency, persistency, and simplicity. The results will be exactly the size of your dreams, desires, and determination!

For your success,
Nonthali, (Your name)
(your site)

Example e-mail to your downline 7 day

Example e-mail for the member GDI.

Welcome to all team members. I have write this blog for all of my team can copy or learn about “How to write e-mail to your member team”
A lot of people have join my GDI business team, some of them already very good about marketing and how to communication with downline team members.
But some of them did not know how to start.
Work like a team and communication with your member team is very important.
At least check e-mail everyday. Check your downline need help and support. If you can’t answer their question you can forward e-mail for me and I will help.
Please bookmark this blog and feel free to come back anytime.
These are the example e-mail I have send out when I have a new member team in GDI business.

1. E-mail Day 1

Subject line : Welcome,(name)

Dear( Name),

My name is Nonthali.(your name) Learn more about me visit my blog at ( you website or your blog)

As your sponsor, I'm here to help you with any questions you might have, and I'll do my best to support you in any other way I can. I'm successful ONLY if the affiliates on my team are successful, so please don't hesitate to contact me for whatever assistance you might need!

You can e-mail me at (your e-mail).

I also wanted to let you know that you've made a great decision joining GDI. GDI isn't just leading people into the future; they're creating it with their groundbreaking business model that has made it possible for thousands of people all over the world to profit from the Internet revolution. Your timing is great, too, because GDI is poised to explode with growth over the next five years.
What you need to do now is go to

1. (your site)

You will get the lead capture page just like me but your user name.
When you compleate all step in the system.Just give them away and bring traffic to your site.

2. Login to office website at with your user name and password and print your documentation
For US residents:

Read, sign and return the last pages the following documents:
Independent Affiliate Agreement Terms and Conditions
Independent Affiliate Policies and Procedures

Government issued picture identification (driver's license or passport)

All forms stated above as well as a completed and signed Form W-9. This form can be downloaded from here in PDF format, or you can pick up a copy at your local IRS office.

For Non-US residents:

Read, sign and return the last pages the following documents:
Independent Affiliate Agreement Terms and Conditions
Independent Affiliate Policies and Procedures

Government issued picture identification (driver's license or passport)

All forms stated above as well as a completed and signed Form W-8. This form can be downloaded from PDF format. ( login at

Also, please drop me a quick message to let me know you received this e-mail. I'd really like to hear from you.
Again, congratulations and welcome to GDI.
I look forward to working with you!