Friday, March 14, 2008

The hosttest Training For your GDI business!

Hello Member and friend !

The site GDI member can not miss it call networkstarteam.YOu can join this program for free.And the best part is you can earn more income with this program.Every time when you refer some one to networkstarteam and they upgrad to Pro member you will get commission,depend on what 's kind of you member if you free member you will get $ 10 ,Pro you will get $ 20 Plus your residual income from GDI.

Here what you get for free member

1. 10$ instantly to promote this system for every Pro member you recruit
2. Free advertising of your affiliate link (you will get sign-ups without having to advertise)
Your affiliate link into rotation (our system will rotate your affiliate link until you get 3 downline members)
3. Access to a member's area full of great promotional resources
4. How to use free advertising to promote, build and duplicate top GDI's recruiters success
5. Ezine Newsletter Marketing system that will easily create interactive, content-rich, HTML
6. Internet Marketing Newsletters in 10 minutes or less
7. 3-Minute Ad-Creator software for creating your own unique ads
8. Pre-written emails, pre-written ads, banners and other tools to generate income
9. How to create a top selling website using the webspace from your GDI accoun
10. Premium website templates to create a unique high quality website
11. Your own banner ad into rotation for free (upload unlimited number of banners)
12. Passive income programs to create additional streams of income

Here's what the benefits of a Pro membership are:
1. 20$ to promote this system for every Pro member you recruit (as a free member you earn 10$)
2. Step-by-step, fully detailed Tutorial to get started immediately
3. GDI Star Plan, our guide to Success
4. An awesome technique to qualify for GDI's Leaderboards and earn the big money
5. Your NST affiliate link into our Rotation program for lifetime
6. Our advertising system will keep building your downline even after 3 members have joined under you
7. All the best available online and offline ways to promote your business with great effectiveness
8. A tested and proven method based on Direct Communication with prospects through instant messenger services
9. Autoresponder software with detailed step-by-step instructions about how to install it in your website

250++ Premium Website Templates fully customizable to create a powerful business or personal website
11. The ability to create your own forced opt-in pages by filling some blank fields in just 4 steps
How to create your own Blog quickly, even if you have no idea what a blog is AND make profits from it
12. You can promote any other business you may be involved with to your NST downline members, as we allow you to add your business affiliate link and description in our system so that it is viewed by your NST referrals 5 levels deep

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Update and New for this week

When you join GDI you can earn bonus every week.
This section shows the potential leaderboards for our current weekly bonus contest. For every 5 new accounts signed up by an affiliate during the indicated date range, they potentially receive $100.

Weekly Potential Leader board 2/25/2008-03/2/2008