Sunday, August 24, 2008

Earn income from home with Free people Search

Hi everyone,
One night while I surf the internet.I found the site about free people search engine.And I try to search and I think People always wound like to know who search for them so I am see the link say "Affiliate" So I give it a try.
The owner Tissa Godavitarne is so nice.Help and support everything.
So far I start work since August 2o and by the end of the month I have 42 People sign up with me.If so easy to work with.
Every time when you refer some one you will get up $ 5 - $ 30.Refer fee will send using Paypal on the 14th and 28th of each month.
Important thing and you can not miss this Peoples Search site is You can start for free.
More detail Please visit for more detail.

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This is my People search site
YOU affiliate commissions every time people get results!
- Earn 35 %,65 5 and 100 % Display Rate.
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- 6 streams of income.
- Bonus start for affiliate $ 125
- Refer fee will send using Paypal on the 14th and 28th of each month.
6 Streams income with Search Engine
How Your Niche Search Engine Makes YOU Money!

Monday, August 11, 2008

ASH - Automated Advertising System

Hi everyone,
I hope you check this system.This system help me grow my downline. Special for people already join GDI just active with this system will help you team grow and earn more money every month.

Automated Advertising System

The Most Reliable
Autoresponder AND Custom Splash Page
Lead Generating System On The Internet!


Here's How It Works:

The MAIN autoresponder with 50,000 Leads and 15 Professionally Written Pre-loaded Messages DRIVE TRAFFIC to your "Custom Lead Collecting Splash Page"
created for your business opportunity.

The Splash Page shows your prospect either a brief flash presentation or an exciting generic "teaser" that gets them to "Opt-In" directly to YOUR OPPORTUNITY.

The Custom Splash Page Lead Managing System then BEGINS A SECOND 15 Autoresponder Message Series "dripping" on your prospect showing them all the features and benefits associated with YOUR BUSINESS!


YOU GET 2 autoresponders 1. loaded with 50000 fresh leads

2 YOU GET 15 Professionally Written Pre-loaded Messages
3 YOU GET a back office that allows you FULL control
4 YOU GET your very own Full Functional Operating Autoresponder
5 YOU GET a Custom Lead Collecting Splash Page Click For Samples
6 YOU GET a back office where you can switch custom pages
7 YOU GET a FOLLOW UP autoresponder loaded with more messages
8 YOU GET Realtime Capture page optin's stats
9 YOU GET Your own Business Builder Team Leader

Building any Network Marketing Business is based largely on how many people, interested in a home-based business, that you can effectively reach. What separates the every day Networker from the ���SUPER-STARS��� is nothing more than the size of their databases. With this in mind, we designed our Business Builder to do 2 very specific things:
  1. It builds your new business quickly by getting you in front of 50,000 fresh Business Opportunity prospects per month within 72 hours from the time you activate your account.

  2. It builds you a powerful, long-lasting Business Opportunity Seeker Database at the rate of 50,000 new people per month.
That���s right, you get to download the first name, last name, e-mail address and telephone number of 50,000 Business Opportunity Seekers per month and use them over and over again for years to come.

We load the 50,000 prospects into your very own Auto-Responder for you, and then set it up so that it automatically sends Professional e-mails to each and every one of them daily for 30 days. You do absolutely nothing except follow up with the new prospects they create.

These Professional e-mail letters begin going out within 72 hours from the time that you activate your account and continue to do so approximately every other day for a full 30 days. These fantastic letters are designed specifically to get people to your website over and over again.

In addition, you have your very own fully functional Auto-Responder, with all the bells and whistles, that allows you to automatically e-mail to up to 100,000 prospects daily using what we call ���Set It and Forget It��� Technology. It has everything you could ever ask for including a broadcast feature that sends special event broadcasts and newsletters to your entire list with just a couple clicks of the mouse as often as you wish. Plus, you can generate geographic mailings for specific parts of the world on multiple programs simultaneously.

THREE very successful and knowledgeable Marketers with over 10 years internet experience are available 12 hours per day via telephone and e-mail to answer any questions you may have, to assist you in closing prospects and to train you on how to most effectively use this Fabulous Marketing System.

Their Network Marketing experience, positive attitude and absolute willingness to help you succeed, make THIS TEAM a powerful addition to an already powerful system!


Join As An Affiliate And Earn 40% Residual Commissions On Referrals

Cancel my autoresponder service

How & Why To Get A Redirect


INCLUDED With Your $2 Trial 30-Day Trial

If you have been looking for a quick ALL win viral marketing system that will automatically supply daily targeted traffic and increase your monthly GDI Income, The ASH Co-Op GDI INCOME Team System Ad Co-Op will do just that - ALL For FREE!


Does NOT Require ANY ADDITIONAL Advertising Cost At All--FREE for ACTIVE Users of the ASH System.


Is Ready For Use INSTANTLY With Absolutely NO Marketing Experience Or Computer Skills Needed.

Explodes Your Traffic Credits by Advertising YOUR GDI Website In the best traffic exchanges, directories, search engines and home business opportunity membership sites PLUS Pay Per Click keyword advertising bringing a multitude of laser targeted visitors to your site--and all at no extra cost! - Saving You LOTS Of Time And Effort!

This is a BONUS For Your Entire Downline To Use. Simply pass along your affiliate link and they too will get the Ad Co-Op - All For FREE when they join the ASH System under you!!!

A GREAT Opportunity To Profit
From the 5-Level Commissions By Promoting Your GDI Income - 24/7 On Autopilot!