Thursday, February 14, 2008

Secret to success with GDI -Tim Sebert's success formula

Success with GDI and Learn from the Top leader
Tim Sebert, the lead recruiter for Global Domains International (GDI), recently spoke about his recruiting strategy on a live call for members of GDI.
His comments are relevant to any network marketer who may be interested in growing their eMoney income.Tim has made mega-dollars over many years as a network marketer but was close to quitting after his experience with nutrition programs.
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Here are some of Tim's strategies for success:
1. Maintain your focus - promote only one program. Do not dissipate your energies by trying to promote multiple programs.
2. Use business cards - they are worth a million dollars to you. Tim uses GDI's business cards extensively because they are a complete recruiting package with promotion information plus recorded call, movie and "join" URLs.
3. Don't use phone follow-up as this is not duplicable. (This is contrary to the advice of a lot of "experts")
4. Don't try to be a PhD in your program but let the website, movie, etc do the selling. Tim's advice is "be dumb" - "the dumber you are, the more money you will make!". Just say "Watch the movie" or "Visit the website!"
5. Look at your local newspapers, magazines etc. for business opportunity ads. Then ring the advertiser and mention your network marketing opportunity. If you ring during the working day you will often have to leave a voicemail message - all the better for leaving a brief statement about GDI or any other opportunity (don't forget to tell them the web address!)
6. Tim also suggested using the “Invite” system to email your family, friends and business contacts (if your program has one like that offered by GDI) – making sure the ‘invite email’ has an engaging subject line. He suggests that you set yourself a target number of invites per day, follow-up by email and be consistent and persistent.

7. Tim spent a lot of time talking about business cards and here are some suggestions from him on how to use them:
- Include them with your bill payments
- Use “reply paid” envelopes from advertisers to post your card to them
- Tape your business card to “free mail” and “reply paid” postcards.
- Give them away to people at meetings, etc.
- Drop them into the "win a free lunch" box at Cafes and Restaurants
- Place them on community notice boards
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To listen to Tim's recorded call, visit:

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Enter to win $120 paid for GDI membership

Enter this Contest: 1 Year PAID GDI Membership Contest Start Date: From Feb 1st till Friday Feb 29th All you have to do to enter this GDI contest is 3 things.
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About GDI-

Global Domains International

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What I love about GDI-Global Djomains International.

1. I can starting work with them for free and then just cost $ 10 a month.
2. I can work anywhere anytime.I set my own time.Some time I even just click and work with my cell phone.
3. With GDI you can work any where in the world with any country.(require computer and internet access)
4. It fast money because with GDI they have bonus every week.
5. My income grow and grow every month and I have fun to do it.(No boss around)
6. I have friend and business friend around the world.
7. Important thing is "I have time for my family" Believe it or not I just work 1- 2 hour a day or may be some day.Just 5 minute a day.
Thank you GDI- For the wonderful opportunity for the mom like me.

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